NEW Nouse Medical Cart Combines Ergonomics & Technology

Hospitals are needing upgrades now with the increase in inpatients due to the global pandemic COVID-19. Winya has worked with Inventis Technology to design and manufacture new technology to assist doctors and nurses in caring for their patients.

The Nouse combines the best in technology from Inventis Technology and the best in ergonomic support. Ergonomic support on hospital carts is particularly important for doctors and nurses to help avoid back pain during their long shifts.

The Nouse is durable, upgradable and Australian made.

Nouse is a locally made medical cart skeletal frame system that provides a highly reliable platform for healthcare and hospital applications. A huge range of options and a place for everything, ergonomically designed by Gregory chairs for optimised performance and staff satisfaction.


  • Height adjustable
  • Anti-bacterial surface finishes
  • Electric height adjustable
  • Low cost pneumatic option
  • Flexible range of shelving configurations
  • Battery status alert system
  • Quick charge (under 3 hours)


  • Long day option (10 + hours)
  • Multiple castor options
  • Gpo and USB power via converter option
  • Glove dispenser
  • Lockable pull draw options
  • Quick swap battery pack

Height range 650 – 1250mm (main bench height)

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