Tailored, agreed, nationwide service levels for major Corporates and Government

All orders Nationally are linked by the WINYA workflow management system, that allows all orders to be broken down automatically to the responsible manufacturing centre, with strictly managed system KPIs on deliverables and these are also linked to the delivery and warehousing protocols and it needed on a particular order, the builder, assembler installer, secondary trades and your staff who have complete project overview capabilities.

Full procurement reporting and job tracking is available to your procurement and finance teams and can be tailored to suit specific projects, geographies or a subsdiary’s needs, as well as providing head office with full oversight and controls on rogue spending and conformity of product and costs.

WINYA can also supply an annual consolidated report to support your RAP, PSI or COP reporting needs.

Repairs and maintenance are also covered by WINYA’s workflow system, giving you peace of mind that your staff, even in remote locations, are getting the agreed level of high service.


In Australia, Commonwealth and State Government procurement polices permit the purchase of value for money product directly from Indigenous owned businesses without the normal lengthy Tender processes.


Many major Australian Corporations have adopted socially responsible procurement practices which also form part of their Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP).