Dexion Strata 2 Sliding Door Planter top Cabinet


Designed for aesthetic, space-efficient storage, the Dexion Strata 2 Sliding Door Planter top Cabinet is perfect ofr your next office refurbishment or office fit out. Available in a range of colours, the sliding doors are quiet and smooth, with an ergonomic bevelled handle. The Cabinet is GECA Certified and comes with perforated doors with acoustic sound absorption as standard.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic bevelled handle which is easy to use
  • Achieve maximum storage capacity across a range of cabinet sizes incorporating fully adjustable shelves
  • Secure 3000 locking system including master key availability provides ultimate peace of mind
  • Levelling feet as standard and adjustable from the base inside the unit
  • Wide variety of accessories available and interchangeable across Dexion products
  • Complimentary matching planter box range
  • Standard interior colour of Stone White to match other Dexion products for ease of interchange ability and/or supply of accessories
  • Removable barrel folding key with antimicrobial properties for durability, pocket comfort and hygiene
  • Acoustic sound absorption panel as standard