Dexion MaxiDRIVE Compactus heavy volume contents storage unit


Makes storing large volumes of contents, or heavy or bulky items easy. Capable of carriage lengths of up to 14440mm as standard, you’ll enjoy highly efficient storage density in a mechanically operated system. Versatile and robust, applications extend to any office item, back-of-house retail, library, warehouse or archive.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Mechanically assisted operation that reduces operator strain with loads up to 1000kg per metre, reducing the risk of OH&S
  • Carriage lengths which can be designed up to 14400mm long (nominal) as standard ensuring maximum storage capacity within your available floor area
  • Two gear reduction rations available to tailor operation to the weight load of your contents
  • Unique hand wheel disc design delivers users with: a ‘Hub Lock’ on each hand wheel for superior user safety especially over traditional spoke designs, an ergonomic handgrip on the outer edge and spinner handle for user friendly operation
  • New stylish finishing panel design provides; a square edge providing a flush finish, limits on the gap between opposing shelving bays for enhanced security, ease of access for service and maintenance, an option for high security, dual cam aisle locking to secure two opposing carriages to each other, allowing seperate security for selected user groups
  • Improved track design boasts an ‘anti-tilt- mechanism located in the track and structural infill floors between tracks with a ‘walk-up’ ramp at the entry to aisles provide a safe and solid working platform which all reduces trip hazards and allows easy access for trolley’s or wheelchairs
  • Easily configured by your local Dexion representative to maximise the storage capacity of your valuable floor space