Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade located in the heart of the city of Sydney needed its office to reflect the same vitality and warmth that the city is representative of. Winya worked hard to create an atmosphere that was ergonomic and productivity boosting.

The combination of simple earthy tones creates a calm and wholesome atmosphere while the green accents and the incorporation of plants stimulates the feeling of becoming energized. The custom timber bench stretching across the length of the wall becoming a beautiful focal piece which brings the feeling of nature and outdoors and incorporates it into the office environment invoking peace.

The light brown fabric on the stools ties in with the timber framed white board and the leafy wall paper creating an interior similar to that of a rainforest. The combination of high stools and high tables creates a stylish and functional space in that it is a great place for group collaboration and collaborative projects. The white table and white frames of the stools create a simplistic and classy aesthetic without sacrificing functionality.

The timber doored cabinets with white tops is a functional addition to the classic vibrant earthy aesthetic of the overall office – an aesthetic that is known for boosting productivity and happiness. The accent piece of the green boardroom table creates an interesting variation to the original white topped and timber topped furniture, the green board room table becomes a focus piece in the room drawing attention and creating a space that is great for focus during important meetings. The white table frames combine with the white chair legs ensuring the rooms design remains a cohesive unit despite the variation in green. The decision for the deep green chairs surrounding a lighter green table reflects the same aesthetic of the leafy wallpaper scattered throughout the majority of the office.