Australian Taxation Office Penrith



The Australian Taxation Office located in the heart of Penrith is a massive location with an abundance of employees therefore needed an office fit out that was both stylish and practical.

Winya worked hard to ensure that both of these requirements were met.

Winya created two beautiful custom extra-large board room tables. Winya designed these custom tables due to the extensive number of employees present at the meetings. Winya’s design creates an inclusive and ergonomic workspace.

The task seating utilised in the board rooms makes for comfortable meetings, minimising pressure on the back and neck and leaving less room for work related back pain or injuries.

The board room tables have allowed for cables for presentations through the screens at the end.

Winya also worked hard to provide $900 000 worth of storage. Winya provided beautiful white storage cabinets which made for practical and easy access storage as well as an aesthetically pleasing office space. The allowance of plant pots on top of each cabinet added to the beautiful aesthetic of the office while also bringing in some energy and life, making for a happier workplace and happier, healthier employees.