Turnstone Campfire

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The Turnstone campfire collection is a flexible collection that allows you to create personal, intimate spaces, with the capability of becoming engaging collaborative spaces.

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Big Lounge

As comfy as your living room couch, the Campfire Big Lounge is perfect for lounging on with your laptop, or for having an informal meeting with your team or guests. This cleanly designed armless lounge works great when wrapped with Campfire Screens to enjoy some privacy.

Half Lounge

A smaller version of the Big Lounge, the Half Lounge offers the perfect amount of room and comfort for a personal escape from the office. Although half the size, the Half Lounge is just as comfortable as the Big Lounge.


The Campfire Wedge helps create a much needed soft, organic boundary between work areas to create a bit of privacy.

Alight Ottoman

Used to invite collaborators to your ever changing spot, the Campfire Ottoman has a dual identity as a perch and as a quick and easy table.

Big Table

Big Table is available in two heights: seated or standing. Big Table offers an uninterrupted worksurface (full top) or a center trough (split top) with trough covers or a center rail that holds SOTO tools, lights and power outlets.

Paper Table

Pull up to the Paper Table and jump into a discussion. With the Paper Table, you can write and draw your thoughts on its paper or glass surface and then spin it around to show your guest. It is the perfect complement to any collaborative space. Designed for flexibility, the Paper Table adapts to your setting.

Personal Table

The Campfire Personal Table is an adaptable surface which you can pull up to where you are sitting. Sometimes, you just need an extra surface to put your laptop or your notes – the Personal Table does just that.



Big Lamp

Like a big beach umbrella, the Campfire Big Lamp helps you identify a smaller space as yours within your larger office




Campfire Screen

Sometimes you need to define your boundaries. Campfire Screens offer the best of all worlds. Pulling them in creates a more personal space, while the semi-transparent material lets enough of the outside world in to keep you in the loop.

Available in a right-hand and left-hand version, the Screen wraps a Campfire lounges perfectly and complements warm or cool colour settings. Use one to keep a space more open, or two side-by-side for a higher level of privacy


Expect the unexpected. Great things happen when a variety of people come together spontaneously. Crete a favourite place to mix and mingle. Brainstorm toward a specific goal or see where some group dreaming takes you.

Not everyone’s favourite four-letter word. Improve the attitudes and outcomes of meetings with a great place that oozes comfort and creativity. Standing height creates an inviting space with eye-level equality to collaborate and share, as well as supporting individual focus for the project at hand


Often a change of scenery is just what you need for some fresh perspective and productivity. Escape places are comfortable and signal to others that you need a little focus time.