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Wilkhahn Conference Table – Graph


The Wilkhahn Conference Table is a lightweight and seamless addition to your conference room. Due to their impressive finishes, exclusive materials, and flawless craftsmanship, the Graph conference table is the ideal meeting room addition. Perfect for large conferences or small meetings.

The Graph line includes the Wilkhahn conference table and chairs. The complimentary design allows for a unified appearance.

The curved and flat appearance of the sloping die-cast aluminium legs mirrors the aluminium underframes on the table frame. As a result, light lines emerge continuously on the table frame, giving the frame a seamless appearance. The vast spans give the appearance of elegance. It is as though gravity is virtually suspended. This is further accentuated by the table’s asymmetrically curved edges and rounded corners. Round tables are among the formats, as are compact and long oval designs based on squares and triangles.

The goal of the Wilkhahn conference table is to give your meeting room the sleekest and simplest appearance while providing advanced features. Thus, any multimedia equipment is effortlessly concealed within the design. Electronic ports can be added.

The frame surfaces can be bright chrome-plated, matt polished chrome, or coated in black/ white. This variety, paired with the various table-top kinds, provides ample flexibility for all forms of interior design concepts.

Moreover, the wood-based tops are soft to the touch and come in white, black, or with a variety of actual wood veneers. A three-dimensional pressing method is used to bond these across the edges straight up to the narrow wooden outside edge,

There are a variety of styles, shapes and sizes available. Therefore, there is a perfect fit for your space!


  • 4 frame versions
  • 4 table top surfaces
  • Socket strips, ports and wires optionally integrated
  • Table frame with adjustable base glides
  • 3 shapes, each with 3 sizes
  • Variety of colour options
  • High-quality materials
  • Exceptional manufacturing

Dimensions (mm)


  • Length: 2000 – 7800
  • Width: 1200 – 2300


  • Diameter: 1250 – 3000
  • Height: 1250 – 3000


  • Width/Length: 1200 – 2800
  • Height: 730