The Wilkhahn Ergonomic AT Office Chair is designed using holistic, harmonised and customisable features. This is to give you the healthiest and most productive sitting experience.

Due to the modern workplace, office workers spend hours sitting at their desks, often with bad posture. The human body is meant to experience consistent movement. As a result, Wilkhahn has engineered the perfect solution, the Trimension.

Trimension technology was developed to promote healthy sitting, even for long periods of time. As such, the technology enables a wide range of movements that are critical for spine health.  All movements feel natural and the body’s core remains perfectly balanced. In order to provide excellent comfort without the need for additional cushioning, the Wilkhahn ergonomic AT office chair uses a combination of high quality and agile materials

Sitting still for long periods of time makes us lethargic and has long-term impacts. Our muscles, joints, cardiovascular, and digestive systems depend on movement. Trimension technology ensures you are moving, even when you are sitting! Primarily, it’s the three-dimensional movement of the hips that has the biggest impact on a healthy metabolism.

Wilkhahn is offering sit-stand options on the AT range of chairs to ease the transition between sitting and standing. This promotes a mix of sitting and standing throughout the workday.

AT’s modern aesthetic set a new standard in office chairs. Meticulous modelling and exceptional attention to detail optimise the design of this chair. The Wilkhahn Ergonomic AT Office Chair is the ideal chair for your modern office.

140kg Recommended Weight Capacity


  • Adjustable Height
  • Trimension technology
  • Push-button control mechanism
  • 3D armrests – height, reach and swivel adjustable
  • Custom coloured armrests
  • 8 lockable positions
  • Sit-stand elevated sitting position model
  • Weight adjust feature
  • Headrest available to support head and neck
  • Upholstery is available in a variety of colours and patterns
  • AFRDI Grade: A – Platinum

Chair Dimensions (mm)

  • Height: 1400- 2100
  • Width: 670~
  • Depth: 640~
  • Back Height: 1000-1400~
  • Seat Height: 400-800~