Nouse Hospital Cart



Durable, Upgradable, Australian Made

Nouse is a locally made medical cart skeletal frame system that provides a highly reliable platform for healthcare and hospital applications. A huge range of options and a place for everything, ergonomically designed by Gregory chairs for optimised performance and staff satisfaction.

Nouse – a collaboration form Winya indigenous furniture, Gregory Chairs and Inventis technology – blending the best in local manufacturing


  • Height adjustable
  • Anti-bacterial surface finishes
  • Electric height adjustable
  • Low cost pneumatic option
  • Flexible range of shelving configurations
  • Battery status alert system
  • Quick charge (under 3 hours)


  • Long day option (10 + hours)
  • Multiple castor options
  • Gpo and USB power via converter option
  • Glove dispenser
  • Lockable pull draw options
  • Quick swap battery pack

Height range 650 – 1250mm (main bench height)