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Reflect Office Chair

Binna Low Stool

Fort Single Seat

Solar Chair

Wooden Sled Chair

Omaroo Visitor Chair

Kalimna Visitor Chair

Pointe Reception Chair

Vince Breakout Chair

Laptop Stand

Arnhem Chair

Kajuree Chair

Ki Chair

Cookie Ottoman

Karama Executive Chair

Armadale Meeting Chair

Robina Mid-Back Executive Chair

Josiah Executive Chair

Gen X Small Table

Gen X Meeting Table Brown

Gen Y Meeting Table

Yatj Coffee Table

Pindari Coffee Table

4 Bedpan 4 Bottle Rack

6 Bedpan 6 Bottle Rack

60 Load Reducing Lenin

1438L Procedure Trolly

1449 Flat Trolly

1449.6 Flat Trolly

1450 Flat Trolly

1449.8 Flat Trolly DE

1450.8 Instrument Trolley DE

1451 Instrument Trolley 1 Drawer DE

1452 Instrument Trolley 2 Drawer DE

1453 Instrument Trolley 2 Drawer DE

1453.8 Instrument Trolly 1 Drawer DE

1454 Instrument Trolley 4 Drawer DE

1455 Anaesthetic Trolley 4 Drawer DE

1456 Three Drawer Trolley 60x50x90

1458 – Trolley 4 Drawer DE

1462 – 5 Drawer Trolley – 500×500

1466 BASIC Emergency Crash Cart No Attachments

1466 DAL Emergency Crash Cart No attatchments

1466E Emergency Crash Cart

1467A Emergency Cart

1470A Anaethetic Cart

1470A Drawer

1470A Tilt Bins

1482 IV Pole & Removable Clamp

1505 Theatre Step Stool

1506 – Double Theatre Step Stool

1510 Waste Bag Bin – Closed

1520 Single Linen Skip MAD

1521 – Double Linen Skip

1521.SS Stainless Steel Double Linen Skip

1522SS Linen SkipL

1540 Mayo Table

1542 NEW Mayo Instrument Table DE

1562 – 4 prong IV pole







1580 Mobile Base

1576 – double stand and bowl

1575 Single Bowl

1566 SS Mobile IV Stand



1581 – Mobile Base


1598 – Bowl & Basin Rack




Coloured IV Poles DE 1


1655A – Paediatric Cart


1644 – Bottom Drawer Extended


Dalcross 2 Shelf Trolley CHT2

Dalcross 3 Shelf Trolley CHT3

Folding Side Shelf left

Drawer Dividers

Computer Stand

Coloured IV Poles Full – Yellow

Folding Side Shelf Right

IV Pole – 4 Prong

IV Pole

IV Poles 022


Oxygen Cylinder Holder 1480

Narrow Bin

Model 1481 IV Pole & Bracket

Mobile IV Stand 1562

Load Reducing Linen Skip 500×500

Linen Skip


Stacking IV Poles 004

Stacking IV Poles 007 500×500

Lenin Bag

Plastic Disposal Bag

Wide Bins

Serpent System

Freeway Bench Seating

Relax. Full Spec Patient Chair

Modular Hospital waiting system

Hospital Seating and Lounges

Cocoon Wing Chair

Waiting room- Budget

Whisper Sleepover Bench

Modern Amenity Lite Recliner

Rein+ Guest Chair

Storage Options

Rein+ Easy Access Chair

Rein+ Bench

Rein+ Patient Chair

Rein+ Lounge

Hug Patient Chair

Hug Guest Chair

Serony Patient Chair

Serony Lounge

KA113S Mobile Shower Commode

KA114S Mobile Shower Commode

KA120SR Mobile Shower Commode

KF11507 Mobile Shower Commode

Bowl, Bed Pan and Carriers

Mobile Shower Commode Seat Pads

KA220ZA55/60/65 Maxi Shower Chair with Arms

KA220ZA Shower Chair with Arms

KA222ZA Shower Stool with Arms

KA222ZA50 Extra Wide Shower Stool with Arms

KA222ZA55/60/65 Maxi Shower Stool with Arms

KA410Z/A Over Toilet Frame

KA410Z50 Extra Wide Over Toilet Frame

KA410Z55/60/65 Maxi Over Toilet Frame

KA582V03 Hilite Adjustable Chair

KA586V03 Utility Adjustable Chair

KA588V03 Adjustable Patient Chair

KA710A Kitchen Propping Stool

KH140D Trolley 500mm Wide

KH140DD Trolley with 2 Drawers

KH310 Mobile IV Stand

Barriatric Rated Lounge

Austub Chair

Comfort Lounge System

Phlebo Chair

Modular Breakout Lounge

Pandora Blue Tooth and RF lockers

Array Coffee Table

Array Side Table

Metric Side Table

Sudbury Rectangular Table

Sudbury Round Table

Tobias Rectangular Coffee Table

Tobias Side Table

Tobias Square Coffee Table

Carlaw Bench Seat

Church Barstool

Church Chair

GT Rocking Chair

Humanscale Liberty

Naughtone Hush Sofa & Lounge

Naughtone Always Chair

Naughtone Bounce Chair

Naughtone Portion Lounge

Actiu Wing Chair

Cyclops Visitor Chair

Colossus Visitor Chair

Goliath Task Chair