Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council located in Rosebud needed an effective office space that allowed for maximum focus and individually concentrated work. Winya worked to ensure that the employees had the best space to conduct private work. The result? On office space filled with electric sit-stand workstations and partitions.

Winya kept to the neutral colour palette of Mornington Peninsula providing the best in ergonomic sit-stand workstations. The specification of sit-stand workstations ensure that employees are given the opportunity for standing work. This reduces the sedentary behaviour associated with office desk working minimising stress on the back and maximising opportunities for better posture which, reduces risk of back related discomfort or injuries within the workspace. The sit-stand workstations also promote circulation which helps increase productivity.

The partitions at the end of each row of workstations kept the neutral colour palette while providing an excellent and compact storage solution allowing for a neat looking office.