Australian Taxation Office Canberra



The Australian Taxation Office located in the heart of Canberra wanted to reflect the vitality of Canberra while also paying homage and respect to Indigenous peoples. While the Australian Taxation Office already proudly displays the Australian Flag and the Indigenous flag they wanted to make a point of engaging in genuine Indigenous business while also creating a bright and energetic reception area. Winya worked hard to meet these requirements and came up with the boomerang lounge.

The boomerang lounge, like its namesake is rounded in shape and perfect for waiting area seating and collaborative seating. Winya made use of one of the many Indigenous art pieces we have in stock through working with Indigenous Australians.

The art piece that has been incorporated into the boomerang lounge depicts the Yam and Bush tomato dreaming, in the Dreamtime people used to eat these fruits and vegetables, just as the old people lived off them. The place associated with this Dreaming is west of Yuendumu (NT).

The vibrant colours used to create the art piece and the story surrounding live and vitality is equally reflected through the placement of the boomerang lounge in the Australian Taxation Office reception area.